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What is Ghostwood Prestige?

Ghostwood Prestige is a kiln dried cedar product that is used as an alternative to reclaimed exterior wood siding and trim. It is a revolutionary new green product that is half the cost of reclaimed wood.


We have partnered with Montana Ghostwood, A Bitterwood Valley Forest Products Company, to provide customers with a new exterior wood siding product that resembles reclaimed wood. Using a unique multi-step process, we are able to create a new siding product that looks and feels like reclaimed wood.  Ghostwood Prestige can be treated for preservation, but it is meant to naturally age and change in appearance with exposure to UV light, weather, and moisture.


The production process of Ghostwood Prestige efficiently culls defective boards from the mix to ensure high quality, usable wood. In comparison, 30% to 70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable due to rot, splits, and defects. Eco-conscious, all wood is sourced from mills that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Shavings, sawdust, and chips are all bagged and recycled into animal bedding or as compost for local farms and ranches. 


Using Ghostwood Prestige is the smart alternative to reclaimed wood that builders, architects, and construction professionals are turning towards to create a weathered appearance with a new product. The benefits of using Ghostwood Prestige ensure an exceptional exterior wood siding and trim product that works great at providing the appeal of reclaimed wood. For more information , call us at (720) 837-2970 or email with any questions.

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